500g of Argentinian cut (Rump, Fresh subject to ability, otherwise will be frozen)

500g Chicken Pieces (drumsticks, thighs & Breasts)

1 x N° Juan Fresh Chorizo (500g approx- Raw)

1 x N° Juan Dry Chorizo (400g approx- ready to eat)

1 x N° Juan Chimichurri Salt (choose from Chili or Original)

1 x Chimichurri Sauce (choose from Chili or Original)

A R G I E S Braai Pack #3

SKU: 0026
  • Price is per pack. Price may vary due to the weight per item.

  • Beef rump, N° Juan Fresh Chorizo, N° Juan Dry Chorizo, N° Juan Chimichurri sauce,  N° Juan Chimichurri Salt & Chicken Pieces.