So, you are assuming this is a Quiche… Right? Well… let me make you a little wiser (if that is even possible!). This is an Argentinian TART, which means that doesn’t have an egg and milk filling (like the quiche does) as a base, giving a chance to the true taste of the ingredients come out the way they were formulated in our kitchen headquarters… in Cape Town! This is a combination of both worlds, Spinach mix with onions and a dash of nutmeg on top and pure butternut puree on the base creating the iFreeze magic without any preservatives, flavor agent, or MSG. Just the way YOU like it!

Chicken Tart

SKU: 0017
  • 1 unit of Frozen Chicken tart per tray. For a single meal about 250Gr each.

  • Filling: Free range Chicken, onions, spring onions, red pepper & spices.

    Dough: Flour, water, veg lard, spices. 

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