N° Juan

Making Argentinian Delicacies since 2012

-   ABOUT US  -


My name is Juan Andres Vais and I am the creator of ARGIES our Mother Catering Company.

The name ARGIES has its origin from a small abbreviation of the word ARGENTINIAN. Therefore we come up with this amazing idea to bring a small portion of ARGENTINA into South Africa. In order to make US the ARGIES feel a little more like at home. 

And to accomplish this we need to make it the ARGIES way…  Hence we created the   No.  JUAN brand! This brand delivers the ancient knowledge of my ground mother’s cupboard, mixed with today’s Cape Town, in pursuit of the new next trendy product. Consequently, we couldn’t call it any other way than No. JUAN!

Because we are the first Chimichurri producers in Africa, thus, we are the No. JUAN!